10 Tips for Creating a Fabulous Master Bedroom Design

master bedroom design

Master bedrooms serve as private refuges, and tend to be the one space in the house where we can fully express our personalities. Though it can be difficult to mix styles if you share your master bedroom, there are some basic design tips that apply to every project:

1) Address the Vertical Space First. As is the case in every room, the biggest impact is created through the vertical planes, aka the walls! These large spaces establish the tone of a room, so choose your paint colors, wallpapers and draperies wisely.

2) The Master Bathroom Matters. Master bedrooms are often connected to master bathrooms, so including similar elements in both spaces will drive the overall design. You move between these rooms all the time, so it is important to bring a cohesive look to both of them.

Sophisticated Rustic Bedroom Detail

3) Heavenly Headboards. A new headboard can transform a space as it creates a large impact due to its size. In particular we like upholstered headboards because they can be easily changed when your style evolves. They also add a soft element to that all-important vertical plane we mentioned above.

4) Scale Your Bedside Table Appropriately. Too often we see bedside tables undersized for all the functionality they are meant to offer. You need a table large enough to support a lamp, your cell pone, books, tissues, a glass of water and other items used nightly.

Lake House Bedroom Detail

5) Don’t Skimp on Bedding. Your bed is a focal point in your master bedroom due to its size, so do not adorn it with substandard bedding. Invest in a high-quality bedspread that can serve as a constant base throughout your style changes, which can be expressed through easily swapped pillows and shams.

6) Let There Be Light. Lighting is central to the atmosphere and functionality of a space. Begin with overhead lighting, making sure it is not only scaled correctly, but provides a decorative element for the large empty space that is the ceiling. We do not suggest including a ceiling fan – they are utilitarian, not decorative! If you need air circulation, use a tower fan. Bedside lighting needs to be tall enough to shed light for reading. Remember, you can put a small lamp on some books to raise it up. Hanging chandeliers over a bedside table is a great way to have light without the clutter.

7) Accessorize Sparingly. As we discuss in our An Interior Design Expert’s Guide to Creative Editing article, the key to reducing the clutter is to accessorize with fewer, larger items. Because your eye is drawn to them once they are illuminated, lamps need to be beautiful. They add structure to space as well. Master bedrooms are the perfect place to personal items that make you happy – like family photos and heirloom collections.

8) Reader? Plan for Your Books. If you are like us, there is always a stack of books next to your side of the bed. For bedtime readers, you need to plan for your book storage. One to two books on the bedside table surface is fine, but to avoid clutter, choose a piece that can store the rest of your collection in a shelf, cabinet or drawer.

9) TV or No TV? While for many people including a television in the master bedroom is a matter of lifestyle choice, the decision can also be driven by how the room is set up. As large black boxes, the placement of a TV needs to be considered carefully so it does not end up dominating the space.

10) Draperies Add the Final Touch. The softness offered by drapery is very important in a master bedroom. Stylistic elements like color and texture are important. However, drapery is highly functional as well, providing privacy, light control and sound absorption (especially important if you have wood floors).

Do you have any design tips you’ve used to create your treasured master bedroom? Let us know by leaving a comment below. You can also send us an email, or give us a call at 317.253.8986.


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