Comfortable Living: Designing for Home Organization


Does this situation sound familiar? You have purchased your dream home which, when you found it, seemed to work perfectly for the previous owners. However, now that you are moved in and living your daily life in the space, something is just not right. Although there is plenty of room, it does not seem to work for your family. The problem is that the functionality offered by your home does not suit how you live. We have some tips on how to rework your existing home so it supports you and your family’s way of life.

1) Design for Flow – Before you start placing furniture or adding cabinetry, examine how people move through your home. How does your family enter? Where do they either drop their stuff as they come in or go looking for it as they leave? Designing each space for the way it is used will make your home much more functional. If your family enters the home at the end of the day straight into a laundry room, create an arrival center for mail and keys rather than relying on the kitchen counter to capture the mess. Go beyond adding lockers for your kids’ back packs and boots by giving them a spot for sports equipment or instrument storage. If your family likes to hang out in the kitchen doing homework or chatting with the cook, create a comfortable place for them to sit out of the way of the workspace. Do you have a pet that needs to go outside even in wet and muddy conditions? Create an entry point conducive to easy clean up. Thinking through how those living in your home will move through it will help you eliminate functionality frustration.

2) Organize for Tasks – Living comfortably in a home means it supports the activities you need or like to do in it. Planning and designing for those routine tasks is the key to achieving this goal. If homework is usually completed at the kitchen island, install good lighting and outlets for electronic devices. It may be that your traditional home office cannot accommodate everyone who works from home so a second workspace needs to be created. Cooking as a family is much more fun if there are multiple workspaces available. Understanding how you live in your home can help you uncover areas that need to be reworked to accommodate your needs.

3) Manage the Mess – Few of us are organized at every moment of our lives. It is easy for papers and mail to stack up and to-do piles to grow. Gadgets seem to make up more and more of the clutter in kitchens and family rooms. At Hoskins Interior Design, we have many tricks to help homeowners manage the everyday mess. For example, custom cabinetry can be a lifesaver for a family with one neatnik and one slob. Placing papers, keys, phone charging stations and mail behind cabinet doors allows the “not-so-organized” organization to be hidden from view yet remain easily accessible. For the home chef who has many gadgets, appliance garages can make better use of counter space and help keep the kitchen from looking like a department store.

There is no need to remain frustrated with your space. Creating the functionality necessary to support your way of life is part of making a home your own! The designers at Hoskins Interior Design are experts in designing efficient, beautiful living spaces. We’d love to help you live happily and comfortably in your home. Send us an email, or give us a call at 317-253-8986.


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