Creating a Spa-Like Master Bathroom

Over time, the master bathroom has become a space for personal escape rather than its more utilitarian origins. We all begin and end our days there, and people are looking for it to make them feel relaxed and nurtured similar to a spa visit. Yet the definition of a spa-like bath is not as straightforward as it appears. The goal is to create a peaceful and calming space that appeals to our senses. This idea means different things to different people. Some homeowners want to replicate a luxurious bathroom they saw at a high-end resort. Others want a custom style that reflects what soothing and beautiful mean to them. Below we offer some advice on how to approach creating a spa-like master bathroom that appeals to your sense of retreat.

1) Begin with Elements that Speak to Your Soul

When you envision a peaceful, relaxing space, does it have dark, warm colors that offer a cozy feel, or is it filled with serene blues and greens that have a more airy vibe? Uncovering the vision in your mind’s eye is the key to achieving your goal. For example, our client had a large garden tub in her master bath that she used to store her dirty laundry since she is not a bath person. Walking into the space stressed her out! She loves travel and nature, so we ripped out the tub and installed a built-in comfy window seat that allowed her to sit and appreciate the gorgeous view the space provided. We also framed photos she took on an African safari adventure and put them around the window. The space is now a source of happiness, a place where she can relax and enjoy what she loves – nature. We created HER VERSION of a spa-like bath.

2) Avoid Clutter

For many of us, visual noise can be anything but relaxing. The idea of “a place for everything and everything in its place” allows your mind to relax when you function in a space. No fighting to find what you need or to put something away. Understanding how you use your master bathroom will allow you to design for your needs. Built-in cabinetry is essential for hiding the bits and bottles we all have. There are even inserts designed for special storage such as hairdryers and curling irons. Built-in laundry baskets, shower niches designed for the size of your shampoo, flush mount medicine cabinets – options abound to help you eliminate the stress clutter can evoke.

3) Appeal to Your Physical Senses

The therapeutic feeling we are trying to achieve in a spa-like master bath is rooted in our physical senses. Beyond what we see, elements we touch, hear and smell add to the peaceful experience too. Needless to say, the elements you choose will be highly personal. If you want a large tub, should it be just a soaking unit or include jets? Your shower can be an experience in itself, will full-body sprays, rain showerheads, and a steam unit. Heated floors, towel racks and even toilet seats can be a welcome feeling in the morning on a 10-degree day! Choose textures that feel good on your skin and make you feel pampered, like fluffy towels and rugs. Hardwire in a sound system or include a wireless speaker in your design to bring music into the space. Finally, invest in a quiet venting fan – grating, ambient noises can add stress without you even realizing it.

Master Bathroom

4) Use Natural Elements

We humans seems wired to bond with nature, so including something green and growing like plants and flowers can add to the relaxing feel. Getting in touch with nature lends itself to the idea of getting back to you.

In the end, creating a spa-like master bathroom means understanding what ambiance makes you feel peaceful and pampered. A clean, simple design that appeals to your senses and allows your body and brain relax is a good place to start. Need more advice on how to create your own version of a peaceful space In your home? Send us an email or give us a call at 317.253.8986.



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