Our Design Inspiration: French Chateau Architecture

[frame_left]Exterior Remodeling [/frame_left] Our clients are in the midst of completing a major exterior remodeling project, transforming their markedly tutor-styled home into a French Chateau-inspired look. They asked us to help complete their project by advising them on material colors and color placement. To find the best color combination for the home’s exterior and moldings, we looked to examples of French Chateau-inspired homes to help inform our choices. Similar to this design inspiration photo, having little color contrast allows the trim to show off its dimension rather than becoming a stripe around the house. We ended up pulling up complimentary colors from the warm hues of the stone being used on the home. We brought in large samples of the paint colors for the homeowner to consider, and took pictures of them from all angles along the house to help them envision the final look from up close and from a distance. We should have some photos of the final outcome to share with you soon.

On such a large project, it is worth the small investment to hire an expert to help you consider your color choices carefully, as once they are up it is costly to make changes! We are always happy to help. Send us an email, or give us a call at 317.253.8986.

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