Our Interior Design Inspirations: Sophisticated Whimsy

decorating a kids room

Our clients recently adopted a baby boy and were excited to have us help them create a nursery just for him. When planning an interior design scheme for a nursery, it is helpful to find one element to drive the look. Fabrics are especially useful in this role, as they can set the color scheme and textures for a space. Baby stores have bedding kits, which limit the options for custom elements. Our clients have a giraffe art piece that they wanted to use as inspiration for the nursery. As they did not want the pastel color scheme usually found in bedding kits, we went looking for sophisticated animal-themed fabrics.  We found this fabric featuring cool, acid colors. The colors of the animals then drove the color scheme for the room. The final design calls for pulling the grey undertones from the fabric into a soft, textural rug, and the light acid green onto the walls. The animal fabric will be used for draperies, while a complimentary polka dot fabric will be used for the crib bedding. The end result will be a soothing room where our clients can enjoy the newest member of their family.

Did you have an inspiration piece for your child’s nursery? How did you incorporate it into the final design? Leave your comments below. Thanks!

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