Eclectic Transitional Style in a Dining Room and Living Room

living room design

When we first met with the owners of this lovely Carmel, IN home, they were looking for the classic lines associated with transitional style. However, we noticed a stunning antique chest with a marble top in their entryway. At once we knew that combining the beautiful antique with a clean design would give our clients the sophisticated yet eclectic space they desired.

designing an entryway

The goal of the project was to create a living room and dining room where our clients could entertain their guests comfortably. The living room welcomes people when they first walk in, thereby setting the tone for the rest of the house. The adjacent dining room is open to the living room, and therefore needed a complementary design.

Transitional Style Living Room Design:

living room design

Our clients preferred a soft color scheme, so we went with beiges and creams contrasted with blue and red. While we used variations of neutrals in the space, what made this tonal scheme truly successful was variation in texture. Combining fabrics with different patterns and feels helps lead the eye around the room. This design technique does not provide an overload of visual information, so the structural elements of the furniture are allowed to shine.

custom sofa

Using the horizontal plane of the room, we chose a rug that integrated pattern and color into the living room in an unobtrusive way. The blues and reds in the floor covering were pulled up to eye level through decorative pillows and accessories. In addition, our art-loving clients wanted to find a piece that supported their new, sophisticated look. We found an artist that created the perfect fit for the space.

The decorative pillow is an excellent example of how you can choose expensive fabric that you love and use it wisely. We found this embroidered silk that perfectly complemented both the soft and bold colors of the rug. The fabric pulled everything together and enhanced the visual interest – it is one the first things your notice in the room! While that one element was expensive for a pillow, it completes the room. Our clients felt the investment was totally worth it.

The drapery was the final element brought into the space, providing a finished look. While the window treatments highlighted the high ceiling and beautiful windows, the soft neutral tones of the room also needed an anchor. The color block at the bottom of the drapery provided a background layer for the furniture, giving it something to pop off of visually when you first enter the home. The large pieces of fabric on the virtual plane also added softness to the space.

Transitional Style Dining Room Design:

dining room design

The neutral color scheme set in the living room was carried over to the adjacent dining room. We began by applying grass cloth to the walls to immediately warm up the space. Grass cloth has a distinct horizontal pattern, which added texture. Contrast was provided through texture rather than color by bringing in smooth, shiny silk drapery.

grass cloth wallpaper

The hefty dining chairs were fully upholstered in a light fabric softening space while allowing their lovely structure to shine. The lines of the dining table are simple, but the gorgeous grain of the top leaps out when one enters the room. For the accessories, we went with fewer, larger items. Our intention was to layer the numbers of items as you looked into the room: three plants on the table, two pots on the buffet, five items on the wall. This technique adds balance to the space, as well as a soft, rich look.

Transitional style is built off of the classic lines of traditional furniture, without the embellishments. This design scheme celebrates the silhouette of furniture and accessories rather than the trimmings. While we were able to create the warm and inviting space our clients were looking for, the transitional look also allowed their highly-styled antique chest to be the star. As a gift from family, our clients were happy to have an element that was unique to them set the stage for the rest of their home.

Questions about this project? Send us an email, or give us a call at 317.253.8986.


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