Family Holiday Traditions from the Hoskins Interior Design Team

Happy holidays

Hoskins Interior Design is a close-knit team – just like a family. And, some of us actually are family!! While we are grateful to have each other every day, this time of year seems to be when we remember to take a step back and appreciate those around us. We know it is our team that makes Hoskins Interior Design successful! To help spread the holiday spirit this year, we thought we would share with you our Team’s favorite family holiday tradition. Join us! We’d love to hear yours as well – leave a comment below!


“Our family attends a candlelight church service together on Christmas Eve and we have brunch with EVERYONE on Christmas Day.”


“My aunt began a tradition years ago when my boys were very young that we continue every year. Very near Christmas as the kids were getting anxious for the big day, she would host a cookie decorating party followed by a carryout pizza dinner. The kids loved it, but as they grew older, fewer and fewer of the boys were engaged by the cookie decorating. However, I have carried on this tradition every year with a couple of modifications: nieces and nephews, siblings, parents and grandparents all gather together and circulate from a football game on TV, to the decorating table, to the pizza. My first grandniece is due this month. It is my hope that another generation will be participating in this tradition in the next few years!”


“My sisters and I get together every year to prepare and package goodies for our neighbors. It is a definite holiday highlight for me! Then, on Christmas Eve, my entire family of 22 attends church together and then enjoys clam chowder at my sister’s house.”


“Since my family is Italian, we always have a large family get together full of homemade spinach ravioli and meatballs. I may gain a few pounds in a single sitting, but it is the best day of the year!”


“We go for Thai food on Christmas Day with a mystery guest or two.“

What is your favorite family holiday tradition? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Happy Holidays from the Hoskins Interior Design Team!


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