Home Remodeling: Get the Best Value for Your Investment

Our clients purchased a piece of property for its stunning view of the lake, not for the 1970s home in need of a complete remodel. Their plan was to gut the whole home and start from scratch. With so many expensive decisions to make in a project of this scale, it is easy to lose sight of the overall goals. We were brought in to keep our clients on track, ensuring they ended up with the home they envisioned.

Indianapolis Remodeling Before PictureThe expansive living room had a 15 ft wide, two-story stone fireplace with two narrow sidelight windows in common with the lakefront. The view was completely blocked. Moving the fireplace to a non-view wall was an expensive proposition, and our clients were wary of the idea. They balked at spending a small percentage of their remodeling budget on the one design aspect that highlighted what they valued most about the property. If they continued down this path, they would spend their budget to end up with a home they did not love.

We encouraged our clients to remember why they purchased the property, and outlined the value they would receive from aligning their budget with this idea. They agreed with our assessment, and elected to invest in the fireplace move.


Fireplace Remodel

The original Indiana stone fireplace was removed and replaced with large, two-story windows to highlight the view. The new sidewall fireplace was built with warm grey, brown, and cream face cut stone and a natural mortar. Its two-story design was created to match the scale of the room. The volume of space was part of the room’s beauty, however the muted tones of the walls made the view the star of the show.

When the project was complete, the homeowners were thrilled with the result. They loved the new style and functionality of the remodel, of course. However their greatest joy was being able to enjoy their gorgeous lake view. Reallocating a part of their budget to the most prized asset of their home was the right decision.

As interior designers, it is our job to help our clients receive the greatest value for their investment in their home. Remodeling is an expensive proposition. We help homeowners balance their budget with their goals, making sure they end up with the home they are looking for.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you with your home remodel? Send us an email or give us a call at 317.253.8986 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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