Hoskins Interior Design’s Approach to Holiday Decorating

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Holiday decorating is a loved tradition among our interior design team members. We fill our homes with light and warmth amidst the cold, dark winter, and turn our rooms into cozy respites from the harsher outdoor weather. It is also a time to bring out family heirlooms and memories in the form of decorations and ornaments. But with our traditions we also love to take the yearly opportunity to try something different in our holiday décor. Our themes, schemes, and methods have grown and shifted, while some central ideas have stood out to last the test of time. Our designers share their unique approaches below:


After many unsuccessful attempts to entice my sons and husband to fulfill my dreams of a Norman Rockwell-like Christmas, I decided to embrace decorating in my own style. I dress three trees every year, trying different variations of the same themes. One is red and gold, the second is a large tree with a gold and chartreus color scheme, and the third is the Charlie Brown tree hung with my kids’ handmade ornaments and their favorites from childhood. Finally, my nativity scene is always a must, and I place fresh greens outside.


I prefer minimal décor for the holidays, un-themed because I want it to still feel like my house and not like Santa’s elves took over. I decorate with greenery, a wreath on my front door, garlands on the fireplace, and a real tree that makes the house smell fresh and Christmas-y. I also switch out my throw pillows and blankets to plaids and heavier textures: burgundy, emerald green, navy, and cream in the pillows, with knit blankets.


My holiday decorations are very neutral as far as the overall color pallet is concerned, mostly whites and creams mixed with golds and silvers. I use greenery as my pop of color. I like high texture, so I sprinkle Christmas tree clippings and other greenery throughout and mix in natural textiles like burlap. Scent is another important factor; I spread around holiday-themed scented candles for ambiance.


My style has evolved over time, but twinkling lights and candles are always present. I select color schemes to complement the rooms, choosing between pinkish-red or warm red, olive green or dark green, and silver or gold. I prefer natural elements where appropriate, like pine cones, flowers and greenery. When my kids were young, I would create a balanced base of colored lights and ribbons on our tree, then let my sons hang their own ornaments where they liked. As they grew older they lost interest in decorating the tree, so now I choose the ornaments! I have gone with a natural theme lately. My family are outdoorsmen, so it is appropriate for us to have a very nature-inspired tree with bird ornaments and pine cones.

We would love to hear how you decorate for the holidays! Leave a comment below. And, from our families to yours, Happy Holidays!


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