How To Decorate A Fireplace Mantle for Christmas

Decorating a mantle for Christmas

Ever wonder how the professionals go about making those gorgeous holiday fireplace mantle designs you see in the stores and magazines, and on Houzz?

We have some easy tips for you on how to decorate a fireplace mantle for Christmas:

1) Start with a clean slate

Take everything off your mantle and put it all away for the season. The point of holiday decorating is to take a break from your everyday look! Unpacking those family photos, candlesticks and other regular accessories in January will make them seem fresh and new again.

2) Compliment the tree

If you have a Christmas tree in the same room as the mantle, make sure their themes compliment each other. Bring the same color context into both through elements such as ornaments, trim, or ribbon. Repeating the look from tree to mantle ensures the two relate and blend, creating a happy family with one another.

3) One of the few times fake is good

At Hoskins Interior Design, we do not recommend fresh greenery for your mantle décor if you plan to use your fireplace. The branches dry easily and could start a fire! Instead, invest in high quality imitation greenery that will add the richness of fresh with out the hazards. The well-made decoration will holdup for years and comes in a variety of looks, from magnolia and white pine, to poinsettia and balsam fir. You can use fresh fruit to compliment your greenery such as pomegranates and oranges. However you will want to keep an eye out after 2-3 weeks to catch them before they rot or mold.

4) The holidays are no time for the sparse look

Once you decide upon a theme fully commit to it! Create a lush and full look. Going spare is not a great idea on a fireplace mantel as it tends to look underdone rather than sleek.

5) To stocking or not to stocking

While some homeowners like to include Christmas stockings on their mantles, they are not a necessity unless they are integrated with the look of tree. We feel it is best to place the stockings out on Christmas eve, take them down and let Santa fill them once the kiddos are off to bed, and then keep them down for the rest of the holiday.

Decorating A Mantle for Christmas6) There is always room for a pop of color

Within Christmas décor, pops of color are particularly welcome. The green of the fir tree looks great with the colors of the holiday. You can bring in a natural look through high quality silk flowers like poinsettias, roses or hydrangeas, or through high quality imitation fruit. Wired ribbon comes in many colors, widths and textures and is a gorgeous way to bring some “spectacular” to your design for minimal investment. What is your theme – Santa? Candy? Birds? Garlands? Use that theme to bring some color to your mantle design.

7) Last but certainly not least – be safe.

However you chose to decorate a fireplace mantle for Christmas, make sure you are putting safety first. Do not dangle heavy elements that can be easily pulled off by little hands – or pets for that matter. Do not include lit candles without enclosures and constant supervision. And, as we mentioned earlier, watch for easily ignitable materials if you plan to use your fireplace. There is no better way to ruin a holiday than to burn your house down.

We’d love to hear about your favorite holiday mantle decorations. Leave a comment below! Or you can reach out to us via email or by calling 317.253.8986.

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