Interior Design 101: Why Can’t I Make My House Look the Ones on TV?

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The home television shows tend to make interior design appear easy. Homeowners come away from the episodes with fun ideas that look like they can be implemented in no time. However, when it comes time to recreate the project, things fall flat. The actual time involved is much greater and the end result looks nothing like the home on TV! What the shows fail to mention is how much the experience and skills of the interior designer impacts the project. The fact is that each home and each client comes with a different set of needs and desires. It is the interior designer’s job to fulfill those requirements within the parameters set by the actual space. What works for one family and their home most likely will not work for another family and their home.

Talented interior designers are able to achieve beautiful, functional results because…

They Went to School for Interior Design – Practiced interior designers pursued their love of design by studying and honing their craft. A larger part of their curriculum is based on expanding their creative abilities, participating in drills and competitions that teach how to solve design problems. Their creativity is strengthened and stretched by having to regularly come up with multiple solutions to one issue. When you hire an interior designer, you are working with an expert in space planning, décor and creativity who will bring that level of training to your project.

They Live in the World of Design – The basis of creativity is taking what already exists and building upon it in a new way. Very few people are able to think of something they have never seen before. Interior Designers are bombarded every day with the latest information in the world of design. They see the trends before they show up at in the home decor showrooms. They have access to trade-only information, fabrics, cabinet-design etc. Vendors keep them abreast of the latest innovations, improvements and product offerings. Being able to tap into the knowledge base and access of an interior designer will help ensure you have the latest information and are applying the best solutions to your project. Another factor to consider is that most homeowners make large home-related purchases just a few times in their lives, where interior designers make them every day! For example, how often do you buy appliances for your kitchen? An interior designer helps multiple clients over a year with these complex decisions. Why not tap into their experience to make a more informed purchase?

They Do Not Live in Your Home – Home is a very personal space for people. Emotions and family attachments can blind one to how a space does not truly fit the people who live there. Interior designers are invested in creating the functionality and look that works for you now, not the past. They are able to come into your home with the objectivity necessary to guide you through the redesign process. At Hoskins Interior Design, when we first meet with our clients we thoroughly discuss how they live in their home, what is working and what is not, and take a lot of pictures. Then then go back to our office to assess the issues with the current space and come up with creative solutions that will give our clients the home that supports how they actually live in their space. For example, one of our recent clients had always had a swivel chair in her living room. She is downsizing, so it was important to assess the functionality needed from every piece of furniture since each one really counted in the smaller space. Since there are many downsides to moving chairs, we asked her more questions about how that piece would be used. Turns out she had no need to keep that element in her new space. Having that objective viewpoint allowed her to move beyond what she had always done to designing for her current needs.

The true value of bringing an interior designer into your remodeling, new construction or redesign project is better design. Their expertise will ensure you are applying best practices, have access to the latest information and solutions, and invest in creating a space that suits how you and your family live. If you are considering making changes to your home, bring even more value to your project by hiring an interior designer to be your guide.

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