Design Trends: Interior Design for Your Soul


Regardless of whether we are designing a space for our clients or ourselves, we always want to fill a home with elements that are comfortable and have meaning to the inhabitants. The goal is to create a beautiful and functional space, but more importantly, we want to craft a place that speaks to the soul. We love helping our client surround themselves with special things, items they find beautiful and relaxing, to make their home a reprieve and nurturing space. Our work is a balance between good interior design, functionality and things our clients love! While inspiration pictures from shelter magazines and Houzz are helpful in developing a common vocabulary for style, we would never suggest that our clients implement someone else’s idea of home. Here is where a talented interior designer can help you create the style you like in a way that is authentic to you. They will ask questions to uncover what elements make you happy, offering a relaxing feel that will also suit your personality.

Another key to a successful design is comfort. We believe that interior designers are more sensitive to the environment than most people – it may be why we are drawn to our profession. Ambient noise, jarring color, uncomfortable textures – these things can leave your unconscious irritated – and designers seem to be naturally cued into those elements. We go to school to learn how to implement these innate traits toward creating lovely spaces for our clients. Whether an interior design scheme works is a function of our client’s senses, small and large. We try to bring their version of beauty everywhere through look, sound, feel, and smell. (We do not cook, so we are not focused on taste!)

Creating a space that is filled with elements that feed your soul ­– from meaningful pieces to comfortable textures, colors and finishes – will allow your home to serve as a place for peace and respite. We’d love to hear about which items in your home nurture and relax you. Leave a comment below!

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