Our Interior Design Inspiration: Changing Family Traditions


Buying a new family home, downsizing to a smaller space, and designing a room for a growing child are just some examples of the family milestones that affect the way we live in our space. Bringing in an interior designer to help you through those life changes can help make the transition easier. As our lives evolve, we need different things from our homes. Creating a space that supports your new way of life will make your time in your home more enjoyable.

One aspect of family life that usually has to evolve along with our home is family traditions. The huge Christmas tree that used to fit in your previous house may no longer be suitable for your new downsized space. Family heirlooms may have to be spread out to the younger generation because your storage has decreased. Gathering the kids together to play in one space is no longer acceptable with teens in your house. At Hoskins Interior Design, it is an honor to help our clients create a space that helps them balance keeping family traditions with life changes. We design spaces that will allow them to honor the spirit of their old ways, while creating space for new traditions to be created. Sharing time with loved ones may be the most important part of living in a home. Designing for those occasions will make those times even more special.

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