Our Interior Design Inspiration: Create What You Need

custom bedspread

Our long-time interior design client was creating a bedroom in her new home for her granddaughter to stay in when she visited. A painter who enjoys bright colors and lively prints, she found online the perfect covering for the queen-sized bed. Unfortunately, they were out of the size she needed! We tried to recreate the look through our sources, but we could not match the price of the ready-made piece. Deanna decided to order two twin sizes in the original design, and have our seamstress take them apart and resew them into a new queen sized coverlet. The end result was a bedspread even more intricate and beautiful than the original! And, you would never be able to tell it was once two pieces. A mixture of determination, creative problem-solving and relationships with talented partners allowed us to provide our client with exactly what she wanted at a reasonable price!

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