Our Interior Design Inspiration: Creating A Mood

wood countertops

Our recent blog post, The Role of Light in Interior Design, got us thinking further about creating a mood within our interior design schemes. Doing this well begins with taking the time to understand the individuality of our clients. Who are they? How do they use their home throughout the day? What are their hobbies and passions? We work closely with them to discover a suitable feel for their home. If they are busy, active people, a space that sets the mood for fun and vibrancy could be appropriate. If they use their home first and foremost as a respite, then a serene feel would be best. We can bring different moods in different spaces of the home as well, or even allow one space to elicit multiple moods. The use of light, color, texture, space planning and even accessory choice all affect the ambiance that is created in a space. It is the balancing of all these elements that creates the perfect home for our clients.

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