Our Interior Design Inspiration: Live Plants

Light & Sunny Living Room detail

Live plants can serve many purposes in an interior design scheme. The structure of their leaves provide shape and texture, adding visual interest to a space. For example, a tall and rigid-leafed variety fills a narrow area beautifully, while a wide and leafy species takes up a more square or wide space. Ferns and other delicate-leafed plants add softness and movement to a room and more bulky succulents can add heft. Plants can also bring another source of color to a space. Their varying shades of green, reds, grays, blues and even whites and yellows offer a unique way to build different hues within a design scheme. Perhaps the most valuable attribute plants can bring to your home is a sense of life! At Hoskins Interior Design, we advise against fake greenery, unless there are allergy issues. The constant evolution inherent in a live plant allows your design scheme to evolve as well, and adds a sense of nature to your space. Besides, having to water a live plant often means it is less likely to just gather dust!

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