Our Interior Design Inspiration: A Space to Relax

Living Rooms

Spring is trying hard to emerge here in Indianapolis, yet the busy nature of the season is in full swing here at Hoskins Interior Design. Perhaps it is being surrounded by the fresh start of the outer world that inspires homeowners to want to renew their own spaces. During the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is important to take time out to relax. In our interior design schemes, we look for opportunities to create peaceful spaces for our clients to rejuvenate. It could be a cozy reading nook, or a seating space by a window with a view. Regardless of the setting, we always add comfortable seating, beautiful lighting and a spot to place a warm cup of tea. Interior design is much more that just creating beautiful spaces. Designing around the many functions of a home is just as important. Homeowners tend to focus on the work areas, such as the kitchen, bathrooms and the public areas of their home. During the hubbub of a new build or remodel, we make sure to also include those quiet spaces where once the project is complete, the homeowners will sink in for a deep breath and a moment of relaxation.

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