Our Interior Design Inspiration: Using Your Budget Creatively

silk throw pillow interior design

One of the challenges of interior design projects is balancing design dreams with realistic budgets. Our clients will fall in love with a piece of furniture or a fabric that could either increase what they are looking to spend, or end up limiting the overall design. We believe that beautiful designs are worth the investment; however we make sure our clients’ funds are used wisely and efficiently. We had a recent example of this delicate balance in a living room remodel. Our clients desired a soothing, transitional design featuring neutrals, patterns and texture rather than bright color. Soft blues and pops of red were introduced for contrast and interest, including a blue rug with bits of red in it, as well as a stunning piece of original art featuring red. We came across a gorgeous embroidered silk that brought the whole color scheme together, but at a steep price. By using it on just one throw pillow to sit on a couch placed vertically between the rug and the art piece, two elements were tied together perfectly! While expensive for a throw pillow, we were able to bring in a much needed element without pushing the budget out of balance.

How do you balance dreams with budget in your interior design schemes? Share your tip by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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