Our Interior Design Inspirations: Entertaining Beautifully

table settings

Our love of interior design is reflected in all areas of our lives. Even when we are entertaining in our own homes, we cannot help but apply our design principles to the event. Creating a beautiful tablescape is a special touch we like to offer our guests – beyond the tasty food of course! Our table settings involve the same ideas behind our whole house designs: balance, color, visual interest, texture, functionality and beauty. For the vignette above, we used white and lime green to pop off the rich copper table top, carrying the colors through the centerpiece, candles and plates. The clear glass candlesticks make the candles appear like they are floating, allowing them to compliment the height of the room without a weighted look. The silverware also provides a contrasting color while introducing a variety of shapes by being placed directly on the table. The intent is the delight our guests, preparing them for the lovely meal ahead of them. What special touches do you add to your table settings? We’d love to hear your ideas.

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