How could we help you create a home that reflects your personality without knowing you? At Hoskins Interior Design, we take the time to discover what you truly desire for your space, as well as how you live, your goals, and your design challenges. Our interior design services process begins with an extensive interview, addressing your desires for the functionality and aesthetics of your space.  Together we will set goals and keep them in focus throughout the project. We relieve you of the tedium of the selection process, presenting you with options for space planning, furniture placement, textures and colors that match the way you want to live. However, we will not let you fall back into old patterns that have not worked for you! We lead you through a transformative experience, the end result being a home you love. 





Once we have decided to work together, our design process begins by further uncovering your functional and aesthetic goals. We ask more about your inspirations, family and lifestyle, and help you define what is most important to you in your project. Images are our common vocabulary here, and we ask you to provide pictures of styles and ideas you are envisioning.


Clarify & Conceptualize

Step two involves honing your vision, with the goal of developing a design concept. We blend your answers from our interview with imagery to help you visualize your space. Once your design aesthetic is determined, we provide you with initial conceptual drawings and design palettes for further consideration.



This is when the rubber hits the road! We work with you to develop the final design and selections by offering solutions that support your goals, consistently asking for feedback. The give and take in these conversations ensure that the end result will meet your expectations.



For full-service design projects, our role here is to communicate all of your decisions to your contractor or subcontractor, serving as a bridge between you and your build partners. We understand their vocabulary and can quickly answer questions. We also provide drawings/specifications and stay ahead of their progress to ensure you do not feel rushed to make important decisions. It is helpful for us visit the site while the project is in process to address questions and coordinate with your contractor. For furnishings projects, we source, select, and present options for feedback during this step. Once we have an agreed upon direction, pricing, ordering and installation move forward.


Finalize Details

Now is the time to tweak and complete the details that will truly elevate your project. We ask ourselves, what does it need? Just like every step of our design process, these finishing touches are placed with your project goals in mind.