How could we help you create a home that reflects your personality without knowing you? At Hoskins Interior Design, we take the time to discover what you truly desire for your space, as well as how you live, your goals, and your design challenges. We understand that you have come to us because there is a design problem, and we will help you solve it. Our process begins with an extensive interview, addressing your desires for the functionality and aesthetics of your space.  Together we will set goals, and keep them in focus throughout the project. We relieve you of the tedium of the selection process, presenting you with options for space planning, furniture placement, textures and colors that match the way you want to live. However, we will not let you fall back into old patterns that have not worked for you! We lead you through a transformative experience, the end result being a home you love.

Full-Service Interior Design Firm


Project Management


Conceptual Design


Architectural Detailing


Space & Furniture Planning Via AutoCAD


Custom Upholstery & Furniture Design/Sales


Art, Antique & Accessory Selection


Custom Window Coverings


Lighting Design & Selection
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