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Loft Retreat Dining Area | Kid's Rooms

Our clients had unfinished attic space above their kitchen which they wanted to turn into a retreat for their teen girls. The area was to include a small kitchen, a space for games & crafts, a comfortable TV viewing area, and plenty of room for dancing. We set out to craft a youthful, relatively private space that fit into the home’s decor while producing a signature location the girls could call their own.

The final design scheme was centered on a youthful and whimsical attitude. The attic space provided several key design elements that fueled this ambiance. The roof’s low height and unique blend of angles provided ample opportunity for creative use of color, texture and patterns. The attic area had two windows to provide natural light, allowing us to use bold, vibrant colors without being concerned about overwhelming the space.

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Kitchen Area:

For the kitchen, we included a microwave, sink and a full-sized refrigerator, as well as a bar seating area. The combination of bright yellow walls offset by ceramic tile in beige and taupe created a space that is both fun and functional. The bar was crafted out of stained wood and topped with black granite that streamlines the look and feel of the room. The whimsical tone of the room is highlighted by the bar stools, which have polished chrome legs reminiscent of jointed insect legs.

[frame_left]Loft Retreat Dining Area | Kid's Rooms[/frame_left]Play Area:

Due to the long and narrow nature of the attic space, we chose bold colors and patterns that could easily be appreciated from far away. We covered one wall in bright periwinkle blue, and used a contrasting shade of lime green on the sidewalls. The ceiling was left white. Bold, geometric prints that incorporate these colors hang low on the wall on each side of the window. A dark oak game table was placed near one of the windows, further lit by an oversized hanging lamp. Brown and ecru striped damask chairs surround the table, creating a bold, appealing look that is instantly admired from the far side of the room. The area is flexible and can be modified as needed to add more seats to the table.


The main portion of the room was left open so it can be used as a dance floor, exercise space or for lounging. We chose a natural cut and loop carpeting in a neutral shade that allows the room’s whimsical colors to interact above it without interrupting them.

One side of the space is brilliantly lit with long window, and desperately needed a piece of built-in furniture to add softness, color and pattern. We created a built-in window seat and accented it with throw pillows of various shapes, sizes and contrasting geometric patterns. The juxtaposition of stripes, patterns and solids creates a cozy, inviting oasis.

TV Area:


The theater portion of the space continued the whimsical theme in a separate room by incorporating an ecru sectional sofa adorned with pillows of many different colors, textures and patterns. The welcoming combination was made complete with a boldly patterned ottoman large enough for everyone on the sectional to enjoy. The colors in the room include the periwinkle and lime green seen elsewhere, accentuated with additional bold prints that pull the room’s design elements together. The lighting in the theater area is on a dimmable switch so it can easily be adjusted for TV viewing.

Our clients were thrilled with how we turned their unfinished attic into an area their daughters can use for entertaining and relaxing without adult interference. When all was said and done, the girls’ mom wound up liking the space as much as they did and is now entertaining her friends up there!

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