Kitchen Remodel: From Dark & Heavy to Light & Bright

Indianapolis ktichen remodeling project

So often our clients come to us because they have purchased a new home with both a neighborhood and structure they love, but a look they deplore. Such was the case for the owners of this home. The interior was dominated by dark wood, making them feel like they were living inside a tree. Our clients wanted a light and bright space – the opposite of what they had purchased. This whole house remodeling project began with the kitchen.

[frame_left]Kitchen Before Photo[/frame_left]The kitchen remodel was designed around this idea of a light, open feel coupled with needed functionality. The original dark cabinetry was torn out, but not all of it was replaced, as the new design offered enough storage options. However, our clients appreciate organization and lack of clutter, so we designed a variety of hideaways, including one for the telephone. We created dimension with the cabinetry by combining varying heights and depths, and integrated decorative glass doors and inner cabinet lighting to break up the broad expanses of cabinet. Finally, we provided open space for accessories to add visual interest.

Instead of upper cabinetry around the range, a textural tile backsplash with a large profile was installed. Combined with a custom range hood, the area stood as a focal point for the space. The muted green tile set the tone for kitchen, including wall, cabinet and flooring color.

We designed the kitchen around the typical work triangle as it suited how the clients used the space. They cook quite a bit, so high–quality appliances, cabinets, and finishes were a must. The design called for a very large island to be installed for maximum workspace. However, the needed countertop ended up being larger than the slab of granite we had chosen. To avoid having a seam in the island, we created a step-down in the countertop, from 36” to a 30” table height and added two stools. Although it was not part of their original idea for the kitchen, our clients ended up loving the design as it allowed their children a place to sit and talk to mom while she cooked. In the end, they received the workspace they desired but without the unwanted seam.

Hardwood was chosen for the flooring and it served as beautiful transition to the slate in the adjacent dining room. We tend to prefer natural materials like hardwood and cork for kitchen flooring. They have a low noise factor, are easy on the back and legs, and you can make it any color you want. Again, that combination of function and form wins every time.

Lighting in the kitchen included canned lights in the ceiling. Due to their high visibility in the space, we installed high-quality pendants over the island. Undercabinet lighting and sconces were added as well for both task and ambient lighting in the evening.

[frame_right]Living Rooms[/frame_right]Included in the kitchen was a sitting room that had to flow well with the rest of the space. We lightened the existing paneling, beams, trim and fireplace cabinetry by painting them in a cream color. We also refinished the floors and laid a large rug down to pull together all of the colors of the room. The rug’s golds, greens, blues, and charcoals served as the unifying ingredients for the space. All new upholstered furniture added softness. Thick draperies pulled luscious color up the walls without adding patterns while offering visual interest.

The common theme in real estate is “location, location, location.” A home can be completely transformed – except for its location. Our clients were able to look past the incidentals of their home and see its potential. With our help, they ended up with the look and functionality they wanted, in the neighborhood they loved. Do you have a remodeling project in mind? We’d love to help! Send us an email or give us a call at 317.253.8986.

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