Laundry Room Design: Not Just For Laundry Anymore

Laundry Room Design

Laundry rooms are not just for laundry anymore. They are family-centric, multi-use spaces that deserve thoughtful design. At Hoskins Interior Design we approach them by first examining the amount of space we have to work with, and then discussing with our clients what functions they would like this area to serve. Today’s laundry rooms have evolved to encompass many different purposes:

Laundry: Of course, the first function of a laundry room is to do laundry! The design of this area is heavily influenced by the client’s preferences. Front-loading washers and dryers allow for a folding area right above the units. We also try to include a hanging area close by. Finally, storage is also a must. The many products and supplies necessary to do laundry have to go somewhere. They can either be concealed in cabinets or stored in open shelving. As designers we prefer closed storage, as it is more aesthetically pleasing. However the final design should reflect what functions best for the client.

Kids Organization: The laundry room is a great place to showcase photos, artwork, school projects, or schedules now that most people no longer use their fridge for this purpose. Hanging a bulletin board at kid level is a convenient place to display these items and adds personalization to the room. If space permits an island with comfortable stools is a great way to create a landing spot for kids when they get home. Finally, we recommend keeping a mudroom separate from the laundry room as it is not ideal to have muddy shoes around the clean clothes.

Office Space: An emerging trend in laundry room design is using the space to double as a home office area and a central location for household organization. Creating a place for mail, schedules, and other odds and ends allows your family easy access to these items on a daily basis. We like the idea of installing a computer area with countertops and built-in storage. Layered lighting will be a key to comfortably using the space as an office. Mixing task with overhead, natural and decorative lighting will provide the needed illumination.

Activity Area: The inert properties of the materials used to build a laundry room make it a great place to get messy and to clean up. This area can be used for kids’ craft and school projects without fear of ruining the countertops or floors. Designing the space around family hobbies such as scrapbooking, can add a design element for the room. A new trend we have been seeing is creating a wrapping station in laundry rooms. Special cabinetry makes storing the paper, ribbons and accouterments easy and convenient.

We tend to spend a great deal of time in our laundry rooms so why not make it an enjoyable space? Paint the room a bright color, add a chandelier, or hang up some fun artwork. You can even add a rug or other floor covering to make the space feel more like the rest of your home. There is no rule that states your laundry room must be used only to do laundry. When talking with your designer, take a look at the space as a whole and think about how you want to use it. As with any room functionality and beauty combine to create a comfortable and welcoming space.  What is your favorite element in your laundry room?

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