Make Your Home Truly Shine: Interior Design Finishing Touches

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After building a new home, completing a remodeling project, or refurnishing a room, you may be exhausted from all of the decision-making and effort that those large-scale plans require. However, there is one more step to go—adding the interior design finishing touches that truly complete the project. Skipping that final step will mean while your home may look fresh and new, it will still feel incomplete. Just like adding flowers and plants to the foundation plantings of your new home, bringing in the final design elements will make the space feel welcoming and complete.

Our approach to adding interior design finishing touches begins with a question: What does the space need? Our goal is to add interest and layers, so the answer to that question usually entails similar themes: variety of materials, pops of color, balance of color, sculptural elements, softness and personality.


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Variety of Materials

Including a variety of stone, wood, glass or materials of different finishes that work nicely together is a powerful trick of the trade for adding visual interest. Matching all of your finishes looks flat, so do not be afraid to play with your options. Beautiful stone on a fireplace can be complemented with a large mirror to add reflection and sparkle to the room. A glass lamp on a tabletop can bring a sense of airiness. Black, gold or silver finished accents can add interest to a room full of neutrals. The point is to not feel like you have to stick with one look; mixing it up gives the space more personality.


Pops of Color

A popular design concept these days is to create spaces in a neutral palette. It may be the soothing, sophisticated nature of the scheme that appeals, or the fact that investing in neutral base pieces can help your style last longer. Either way, people still crave color in their lives and a good way to add it is through bright artwork, lamps, accessories, throw pillows, etc. This tactic allows you to bring vibrancy and interest to your space without having to commit to a certain palette or pattern for a long time. Unlike a sofa or cabinetry, these smaller items are easy to change!

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Balanced Color

Placing one soft blue chair in a room where all the other furniture is neutral means that chair will get lonely! Pull that color around the room in many ways; perhaps include variations of blue in the sofa throw pillows, a piece of artwork, the rug or the drapery. If your kitchen island is a different color than the perimeter cabinets, include that color in other ways around the space to ensure it makes sense in the design. For example, a black island in a white kitchen could be balanced by including dark hardware on the perimeter cabinetry.

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Particularly in bathrooms where most of the surfaces are cold, hard and shiny, bringing in elements that add softness can make the space feel more welcoming and comfortable. Think of fluffy when you consider softness—throws, rugs, drapery, pillows, etc. Radial shapes add softness as well, like flowers and plants.


Sculptural Elements

Adding three-dimensional interest is vital to creating a well-designed room. At Hoskins Interior Design, we like to accomplish this task by including sculptural elements in a space. For example, a well-designed chandelier in the middle of a living room can add tremendous visual interest. Bringing in accessories of different shapes and sizes can draw the eye as well. We also love to include non-art on walls such as mirrors, intaglio’s, plate collections, etc. to complement the two-dimensional look of traditional art.


Corner Library


Last but certainly not least, adding the personality of the homeowner is central to creating a complete space. Otherwise, visitors will feel like they are in a model home with no life in it.  Family photography, personal collections and family heirlooms are all great ways to bring your personal touch to your space. However, many homeowners can go overboard in this area. Too many family photos can be overwhelming and look cluttered. Balance is the key here! Reframing for correct scale and whittling choices to a special few are two strategies we suggest to our clients.

Interior design finishing touches are truly the secret to a beautiful and complete space. Don’t allow yourself to get tired at the end of a large project! Push just a little further to include elements that will bring life and enjoyment to your home. Need help with making selections through all of the stages of your interior design project? Send us an email, or give us a call at 317.253.8986.

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