Our Design Inspiration: Custom Chandelier Shades

custom chandelier shadesWhen you do not have what you need, make it yourself! This philosophy is one of the drivers behind the design services we provide to our clients. For this project, our client is refreshing her home, including the kitchen and the dining room. The chandelier over the dining table is of high-quality, and still fits into the new design scheme except for the shades. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the light fixture is not longer in business, and the custom, oversized hard-backed lamp shades were unable to be sourced from another vendor. So, we turned the blue linen toile shades over to a local decorative painter. She covered the exterior with a specialized paint made to withstand heat, adding many layers and texture to remove the lines from the original textile. The interior (pictured above), which would be seen when sitting at the table, was painted a metallic silver with a gilded decorative rim. The shades were altered to match a zinc range hood in the adjacent kitchen and the glowing brass trim of the chandelier. Our client is quite pleased with our custom chandelier shades , as were we!

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