Our Interior Design Inspiration: Bring Your Personality into Your Home

basement remodeling

An important part of any interior design project we undertake is bringing the personality of the homeowners into the space. For them to enjoy it, a space must reflect not only our clients’ desires for style and functionality, but who they are as well. We take the time to discover their interests, hobbies, activities, etc. This allows us to think creatively about how to bring those aspects into the design scheme. For the basement remodeling project pictured above, we discovered that our clients love to travel and had a lot of beautiful pictures of their trips. Although they displayed these images in their home to help them remember those adventures, the pictures were small and hard to appreciate. We decided to have some blown up to 24″ x 36″, framed simply in the same style, and arrange them as a grouping on a large wall in the basement. The affect is stunning, and fully highlights this important part of who our clients are. The large size also provides the added benefit of allowing the pictures to be appreciated from an adjacent seating area.

How have you brought your personality into your home? Let us know by leaving a comment below, or send us an email. Thanks!

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