Our Interior Design Inspiration: Cohesive Design Scheme

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An important factor in creating a cohesive design scheme for your home is making sure to always consider how all of your elements work together. Your material choices should first and foremost center around the goals for your space. Once you understand the look and functionality you are trying to achieve, you can begin looking for materials that will fit the bill. For example, you have determined that as a focal point in your kitchen you would like a granite countertop with a lot of movement within the piece. That decision will guide the material you choose for your backsplash – preferably a muted style that compliments the colors within the granite. A busy backsplash would fight with your countertop choice, and keep you from achieving your intended look. We encourage you to bring all of your known material choices whenever you go shopping for another design element. This practice allows you to compare your choices with the other aspects of the design scheme to ensure they help create a cohesive look.


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