Our Interior Design Inspiration: Collections

Imari porcelain

Collections offer interior design elements that allow your guests a peek into your interests and personality. We love helping our clients deepen their collections, especially when we can find unique pieces. We came across these Asian temple jars, tureen and sake bottles at one of our favorite antique dealers. One of our clients has a large and diverse collection of Royal Crown Derby and Imari porcelain. Royal Crown Derby is English-made, and was inspired by Asian pottery that migrated to England during the Chippendale era (1700s). Japanese Imari porcelain was among the creations that served as inspiration for Royal Crown. For smaller collections, we tend to keep pieces together rather than spread them around, as multiple pieces in one space create a greater impact. However, our client’s collection is so large that we can create multiple vignettes of pieces all over her home, allowing us to bring continuity throughout her whole space.

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