Our Interior Design Inspiration: Local Artists

local artists

local artistsBringing our clients’ unique personalities to their spaces requires us to be always searching for new sources for our design elements. Artwork plays a large role in our designs and is a highly personal decision. So, we are excited when we run across local artists like JD Naraine. An artist all her life, after years off from painting JD found her way back to her gift when she became a young mother. She began painting children’s portraits on commission, but when her children became high school age and were looking at college, she decided to expand her work. She studied with artists all over the country, in particular Carmelo Blandino, who helped JD take her traditional background into a more contemporary approach. She works quite a bit from the figure, taking inspiration from models. Her subjects are either male or female, though she often masks gender and ethnicity by creating her figures in movement with color and shape. We are fortunate to work directly with JD on behalf of our clients, and chose the pieces pictured here as options for a current client’s living room. We are bringing an elegant feel to the space and felt that JD’s pieces exemplified the look we are creating.

Visit jdnaraine.com to see more of JD’s work, or visit Coats Wright Art & Design Gallery in the Indiana Design Center.

Do you have a favorite artist that we should meet? Send us an email or give us a call at 317.253.8986.

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