Our Interior Design Inspiration: Lovely Linen Fabric

fine linen fabrics

Due to the tremendous variety of colors, styles, textures and materials available, fabric often serves as creative inspiration for interior designers and homeowners alike. We are always excited to come across the perfect style for our clients, as was the case for this lovely material. Linens with overlays, appliqués, and embroidery have been around for hundreds of years. However, we found fabrics using these old-world methods in an updated, transitional look. Made out of natural fibers, we will be using this linen fabric as upholstery for fine furniture pieces, the neutral colors acting as a soothing base while adding presence to the space. This understated look was intentional, allowing the furniture to be seen but not overwhelm the room. By changing out the colors of accent items like throw pillows, the pieces can serve the home for a long time.

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