Our Interior Design Inspiration: Unique Art Pieces


As we discussed in our recent blog post, Adding Non-Art to Your Walls, we are always looking for unique items to compliment more traditional forms of art. We recently framed some interesting intaglios for one of our clients to include in her eclectic living room design. These small three-dimensional pieces are similar to cameos in that they are carved in relief. Our intaglios are made out of plaster and feature both the typical female bust motif and scenes from ancient warfare. We grouped the collection, had them professionally mounted and framed.

Our client tends to favor impressionistic or contemporary art, and the historic nature of the intaglios offer a lovely contrast to the rest of her collection. They will be combined with a mirror and blue and white porcelain into vignettes set on either side of a fireplace. The intaglio have enough presence to stand on their own, yet do not offer confusing detail that could overwhelm the grouping. The pieces add to the elegant sophisticated look we are creating for our client.

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