Planning: The Key to Success for this Long-Term Master Bedroom Design Project

master bedroom design

Located on Geist reservoir, we helped our clients build their home in 2008. Finishing the look of the public spaces was their first priority. Then they began to focus on the master bedroom design. We created an overall design scheme for the space, but completing the project took time as the homeowners allotted their budget. Understanding the look they were trying to achieve from the start made the drawn-out completion process easier, as we could make sure all of their choices over time matched their desired goals.

Overall Design Scheme: Color was the most important element to our client, as it sets the stage for the feel of the room. She wanted the space to be calming and restful, playing off the peacefulness of the lake, while allowing the view to be the focal point. This serene retreat could not be too feminine however, as she wanted her husband to feel comfortable too. The soft, grey blue was the perfect choice as a basis for the rest of the design plan.

 blue drapes

Drapery: Usually we do not pick the paint color first in an interior design plan, however the wishes of our client came first. We were fortunate to come across a drapery fabric that perfectly matched the paint color she had fallen in love with. The goal of the drapery was to soften the space without taking away from the view of the lake. The drama of the large windows had to be supported by the drapery, so we designed long, elegant panels out of the soft wool. The existing 2” blinds provided privacy and light control. The drapery was not intended to be functional – just beautiful!

Custom Furniture: Our client desired an eclectic look for her bedroom furniture – mostly likely a reaction to the 80’s matching bedroom suite she was tired of! She knew she wanted a painted bed, but from there we were charged with finding the other pieces. We combined the traditional-style bed with different transitional side tables in stained finishes. We also introduced different metals and glass as well through the table in the seating area. Our client loved the detailing of the chairs in the seating area – the pleated waterfall skirting, nailheads, arm curves and buttons. So we chose a soft fabric to let those elements shine.

blue bedroom design

Lighting: We had designed the functional lighting for the space during the home build, so all that was left was the decorative lighting. To allow the bed to claim the focus, we added sculptural alabaster lamps to the bedside tables. The table lamp in the seating area posed a bit of a challenge, as it needed to be large enough to anchor the space within the huge windows and tall ceilings without taking away from the lake view. The piece we found had the scale we needed, as well as enough of a sculptural quality to draw your eye to the spot.

Bedding: While the large king-sized bed dominates the room, we did not want to draw more attention away from the lake view. So, we went with a minimalist approach to the bedding, using a clean, solid colored fabric for the coverlet. It is the pillows that draw your attention, with simple textural elements and subtle, tonal colors.

bird artwrok

Artwork & Accessories: The final touches for the space supported the calm, serene look our clients were looking to achieve. The oversized scale of the bed required a statement piece for the space above it. We found the bird pictures, but were initially concerned they would be too big. However, they turned out to be a highlight in the room, working perfectly with the room scale, furniture, colors and lake view. The accessories were chosen to add softness and visual interest to the space, not clutter or focal points. Plants, clean picture frames, books, and glass and metal pieces all fit the bill.

Many homeowners are not ready to complete a full project right from the start. To successfully work on a design over time, it is important to set your goals upfront. Understanding what you are trying to achieve will allow you to make good decisions throughout the project, investing your resources wisely when you are prepared to use them. For our client, this process worked well for them. Their patience paid off, and they now have a beautiful and restful space to enjoy together. Questions about this project? Send us an email, or give us a call at 317.253.8986

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