Lake House Project

Our clients purchased a home with a gorgeous view of the lake. However, the existing layout did not allow this stunning feature to shine. We worked with a local architect and contractor to redesign the main living space, moving the grand fireplace to a side wall. The gap left by the repositioned fireplace made room for a wall of windows to highlight the view. For the rest of the home, natural elegance and comfort led the design. Playing off of a two-story attached greenhouse, soothing greys, browns and creams compliment the surrounding nature. Furniture was designed for comfort as well as scale and style. Floor coverings were brought in to ground the large rooms, and to add color and texture. The kitchen offers plenty of workspace and comfortable seating. Walls of windows in the dining room make guests want to linger over the meal, just to enjoy the view a moment longer. The guest bathrooms were an opportunity to bring in some drama, with large-format wallpaper in bright colors. The laundry room was designed as the family workroom, with a desk area and plenty of storage. A long, plain hallway was turned into a focal point with multiple decorative mirrors. In the end, we worked with our clients to give them the serenity and comfort they were hoping for when they purchased this property.

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