Sophisticated Spaces Project

Few spaces remained untouched in this whole house design project. Attention to quality, comfort and ambiance were vital to achieving the style the homeowners desired. In the dining room, it was important that the inherited furniture remain in the space. New fabric in a soft floral transformed traditional style into a more transitional look.. The fabric led to the choice of the beautiful blue drapes, which add texture without obstructing the view. The bedrooms were designed to reflect the people who lived in them. The daughter was looking for old Hollywood glamor, with her bright pink and black décor. For the master, soothing hues and soft finishes brought the serenity the husband and wife were seeking. Throughout the home, seating areas called for comfortable furniture in scale with its intended space and covered in soft hues. The husband was quite involved with the design of his study, a space that serves as his get-away to work, read and relax. Beyond the use of each space, accessory choices were made based on the style the room and added the finishing touches to the walls, tabletops and shelving. Draperies and window coverings soften the tall ceilings in the home, and light fixtures for ambient and task lighting highlight the beautiful finishes.

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