Project Highlight: Beautiful & Functional Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel

As Indianapolis interior designers, we often work with local partners on new construction or remodeling projects. Such was the case for a recent kitchen remodel, where we worked with a local architect Lee Constantine of Constantine Design Group and local contractor Tom Pearson of Thomas J. Pearson, Inc to give our clients the look and functionality they needed. The family of five could no longer function well within the layout of their u-shaped kitchen. The poor flow created by the peninsula would trap people in the space! With growing children and constant entertaining, the family needed a new kitchen design.

The architect created a preliminary design; we were brought in to add the detailing. We made a few design additions to the architect’s plan, but our main role was to help our client choose finishes, cabinetry style, appliances, countertops, tile and flooring.

We started the selection process with the flooring, as it had to flow well with the materials in the two adjacent rooms – the sunroom and the family room. The homeowner wanted tile in the kitchen. We were able to find the same color and pattern used in the sunroom but in a different shape. The 8” x 16” tiles were laid in a herringbone pattern, which provided continuity to the space yet with visual interest.

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Once the flooring was selected, we built the rest of the kitchen finishes from there. We worked with a cabinetry fabricator to create the architectural detailing our client was looking for in the space. Door style, finish, moulding, glass inserts, legs – all of these little characteristics add up to create the overall look of the space. Even the type of doors on the appliance garages was specified; we prefer panel doors rather than accordion as they are more stylish and functional. Many times kitchens lack space for artwork because the cabinetry covers most of the walls with hard materials. We made sure the cabinetry design allowed space for accessories to soften the overall look.

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Our clients wanted granite for the perimeter countertops, so we took her on a shopping expedition. Granite is expensive and not easy to replace, so we want to make sure our clients love their choice. Within Hoskins Interior Design, we make the selection process fun! New slabs are coming out of the ground every day, so you never know what you will find at the showrooms. We bring our clients directly to the local suppliers, encouraging an open mind to take advantage of the surprises we may find when we get there. Once we figured out the elements of granite our client preferred – movement, no movement, deposits, reflective elements – we were able to settle upon one style. She chose a dark grey with reflective elements that included quartz deposits, complimenting the neutral colors within the kitchen design.

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For the island countertop, our client was set on wood. We were careful to source a product that had excellent reviews for durability. The family is well aware of the special care the wood requires, and therefore uses the island as a table for homework and family gathering rather than for cooking.

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The backsplash tile was the big indulgence for our client. She fell in love with the hand-made crackled glass with small ranges of beiges and tans within each tile. Our client loves her choice every day! Hand-made tiles are rarely static or perfectly matched, offering a unique look for each project. Our client wanted the walls, flooring and backsplash to be the same tones to add a neutral feel. The hand-made tiles achieved that goal, but added dimension and a nuance of color. An easy way to create subtle detailing to a tone-on-tone look is to change shapes, textures and placement. Those neutral elements then set the backdrop to allow other details to shine, rather than fighting for attention. For this project, the varying beiges are in high contrast to the dark granite and wood countertops, brining them to the forefront of the design.

[frame]Dramatic lighting[/frame]

The light fixtures were chosen not just for style, but also for scale. The open nature of the space required large pendants over the island and a big chandelier over the dining table. We drew the designs to scale to make sure we ordered the correct size, but when the pieces arrived at the office they truly looked huge! Once they were up however, they were perfect. Light fixtures are like artwork in a room. We always suggest investing in quality as they raise the design of your space and are often the first thing visitors comment on.

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Finally, we helped our client choose furniture and accessories that complimented her family’s lifestyle. The round dining table allowed more people to squeeze around it when the older kids came home from college, but was still scaled for every day use. The accessories were chosen to reflect our client’s love of gardening. The end results were a kitchen that functioned well and a fresh look to the home.

Questions about this project? Send us an email or give us a call at 317.253.8986.


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