Project Highlight: An Elegant Whole House Remodel

white kitchen remodel

Many homeowners fall in love with where a house is located over the actual structure. They are fortunate to be able to look past the cosmetic shortcomings of items that can be changed, like a floor plan or building materials. They purchase the house for the characteristics that cannot be changed, like lot location and neighborhood, and then hire professionals to create their ideal home.


[frame_left]Remodeling before photos[/frame_left]The owners of this older home hired an architect and builder to rework half the first floor. The original space was very dark and dated, and even sported glitter in the textured ceilings! The kitchen and family room were gutted and the layout was completely changed. We were then brought in to help choose the finishes for the project.


[frame_right]Hoskins kitchen before photo[/frame_right]Kitchen: Our clients came into the project with elements they wanted incorporated into the design, and the layout had already been decided upon. It was our job to pull all of these pieces together. The husband wanted a grey, cream and yellow color scheme in the newly opened kitchen and sitting room. They both wanted a barn-door look to the refrigerator, and they had found a craftsman to make the metal hood over the range. We chose cream cabinetry, and topping most of them with light-colored granite in a honed finish to keep the shine down. The smaller island was topped with dark granite in a suede finish. The two countertop colors were balanced by the washed-grey finish on the custom refrigerator doors and moldings. Dimensional ceramic tiles in a yellow tone were chosen for the backsplash, offering a neutral background for the custom range hood.


Lighting was an important element in the kitchen design. Open concept designs can leave spaces with little personality as there needs to be consistency among finishes. These areas need anchors to keep the eye moving and to provide a central focal point. For these reasons, we installed a large, architectural chandelier over the smaller island, which also added character to the space.
Family Room Remodeling


[frame_right]Hearth Room Remodel[/frame_right]Family Room: Consisting of a small hearth room open to the kitchen, the purpose of the new family room was to give the kids a place to hang out while mom was in the kitchen, and for family TV watching. The space received a fireplace wrapped in stone, a lot of windows, a French door leading outside, and a wood ceiling washed in a grey stain. Pulling the grey, cream and yellow in from the kitchen, the furniture was chosen for scale and to add blocks of color. The only patterns in the room are found in the sofa pillows, the ottomans and the rug.


Breakfast Room: Adjacent to the kitchen, this less formal dining space was designed with relaxation in mind. Cream leather chairs surround a long narrow table, lighted by a long, linear fixture. Cornices in cream and gold damask frame the large windows. Additional softness was added through a window seat. We installed built-ins for china and serveware storage. Finally, we designed a small wine bar that included a linear sink. This element turned out to be a favorite of the homeowners because it was unique and they could fill it with ice and drinks when they entertained.

Dining Room: The challenge presented to us in designing this room was incorporating inherited family furniture loved for the memories it evoked more than for its style. To help lighten the dark and heavy carved furniture, we placed slipcovers with simple lines over the chairs. This element, along with the cream colored draperies in a large scale-pattern, brightened the whole room. We found at Market the light-colored plates on the wall that ended up working perfectly with the color scheme.
Guest Bath

Powder Bath: Oddly shaped because of its location inside a turret-shaped portion of the house, the original powder bath was a large room with a very small sink. We embraced the angled walls and installed an end-to-end vanity, and added decorative lighting in the center to emphasis the roundness of the room. Continuing the cocoa and cream color scheme of the adjacent dining room, we added toile wallpaper to give the large room the character it was lacking.


Living Room: The once formal living room of the home was turned into a game room by the new owners. The space was difficult to furnish due to the corner fireplace original to the home. We chose to ignore the fireplace as a focal point, painting it cream to de-emphasize it. We placed a radial furniture arrangement with an ottoman, placing a chandelier over the central space making it conducive for entertaining and conversation. The greys, creams and yellows were pulled into the room through the furniture and fabrics.

As you can see from the pictures, the final design dramatically changed this home. These homeowners had the vision to see past the original dated interior, and brought in professionals to help them create the home they desired. Questions about this or any other of our projects? Give us a call at 317.253.8986 or send us an email.


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