Project Highlight: Home Gym Design in a Downtown Indianapolis Condo

barn doors in house

Avid exercisers and dabblers alike are putting dedicated exercise spaces into their homes. We had a fitness enthusiast client who wanted to be able to do a variety of workouts in the lower level of her Downtown Indianapolis condo. The key to creating the perfect space for her needs was planning, planning, planning. Working with Steve Gray Renovations, we created a home gym design that suited our client and her husband perfectly.

To avoid visible electrical cords along the floors and walls, we began by discussing with our client the types of equipment, workout spaces and audio/visual capabilities she desired. She likes to watch TV while doing cardio work on two machines that need electricity. She also wanted open floor space for mat work. We created a floor plan that called for electrical outlets to be core-drilled in the floor to avoid open cords and placed the TV accordingly. We also considered the appropriate circulation around the equipment. Ceiling height is a concern in lower levels so it entered the design mix as well since we did not want anyone banging their heads while working out! It was important to know what was going to go where before the flooring was installed, since the underlayment was cement and therefore not particularly flexible after the fact.

Lighting and air circulation were also part of the planning phase, placing canned lights and a fan to ensure a bright, welcoming and comfortable environment. The small windows brought a nice natural light as well. A large wall mirror was placed at the end of the room designated for yoga and other mat-based workouts. A small bathroom with a shower was also included in the floor plan.

The flooring is a luxury sheet vinyl that not only looks gorgeous but is also practical for a space that has the potential for moisture. It also has a sound deadening quality, which is helpful in a workout space. Although there is a door at the top of the stairs from the kitchen area leading to this room, anything that would help reduce the noise was a positive. The flooring looks like wood in a driftwood color and we painted the walls a warm grey, continuing the varying tones of grey and white from the rest of the condo.

Adjacent to the workout room is a hobby area for the other half of this couple. He wanted a workbench and extra storage in this space, similar to what other people may have in their garages. Although our clients did not want to invest a large portion of their whole house remodel to this space, they did want to continue the visual interest present in the rest of their home. Hence, the barn door entryway to the hobby area. It offers not only a great look but also functionality in that it allows for a wide opening to the workspace.

Taking the time to discuss how you will use a space means better functionality in the end. Our clients now have a pleasant and useful place to workout and pursue their hobbies. If you are considering adding a functional space to your home, we’d love to help you plan it. Send us an email, or give us a call at 317.253.8986.


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