Project Highlight: Indianapolis Modern Condo Remodel

modern condo remodel

Downtown Indianapolis is experiencing a rebirth, with people of all ages buying properties with the goal of creating a comfortable living space in an urban setting. Our clients are empty nesters who wanted to downsize into an Indianapolis condo. Once they found their home, they contracted with Steve Gray Renovations, who then introduced us to the couple. The goal was to remodel the traditional-styled space into a more modern condo that reflected our clients’ new lifestyle. The existing interior was gutted to the studs, allowing the homeowners to change the flow and functionality as needed. While our clients were very detail-oriented and clear about their style, they wanted our expertise in guiding them through the wide array of decisions to achieve their vision, as well as access to materials and pieces not directly available to the consumer.

Modern Design Scheme

Clean lines, a white-on-white color palette, lots of texture, modern styling and subtle personality underlie the design scheme for this modern condo remodel. Instead of using rich colors, all of the architectural detailing is over-scaled to add heft to the open concept floor plan. Furniture and accessories are also scaled to complement the chunky details. Since one can see much of the main level from each room, the design scheme flows throughout the space.

linear fireplace

Great Room Design

Asymmetrical Fireplace Design:

The fireplace is the focal point of the main living space, so our design began here. The location of a new staircase meant furniture placement options were limited. We developed an asymmetrical design for the fireplace that would allow the furniture to wrap around the focal point. The balance of the shelving moved to the right and a thick stone mantle was continued as a countertop in the shelving area. The hefty nature of the mantle meant the rest of the shelving had to match that weight, as did the accessories. A linear fireplace design allowed us to hang the television at a comfortable viewing angle while also protecting the components from heat damage. A grey, stacked stone fireplace surround completed the modern look.

fireplace mantle

Design Details:

The thick architectural details are also seen in the ceiling beams, which were painted white to blend with the ceiling while adding interest. Our client’s existing sectional worked perfectly in the space, and was complemented with a new chair, coffee and side tables, and floor covering. White and soft-toned natural accessories complete the sleek look.

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern White Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Challenges:

We collaborated with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery on the kitchen design. As experts in cabinetry and appliances, they were valuable partners in implementing the style of this project. The chunky architectural detailing from the great room needed to flow into the adjacent kitchen area. Designing a kitchen with a thick countertop adds a layer of complexity to the process. Special accommodations need to be made, particularly with cabinet design and appliance installation. Bringing in a knowledgeable partner ensured our clients would end up with the look and functionality they wanted.

Our client was set on a white-on-white kitchen, which can be tricky to implement due to the many variations of white. Many different materials need to complement each other without matching. The key to the success of this type of color scheme is evaluating the undertones of each material to ensure your choices coordinate with each other and the overall design.

thick countertop

Design Details:

We used quartzite for the countertop, a natural material that has the look of marble without the durability issues. Our client chose white, flat-panel cabinetry with a full overlay to support the clean lines of the design scheme. Oversized pulls on the drawers continue the thick scale of the home. Our clients shared our love of impactful lighting, so we sourced gorgeous imported pendants that project light patterns onto the ceiling—one of the highlights of the kitchen.

Dining Area Design

Dining Space Design

The design of the dining space adjacent to the kitchen was crafted around how our clients planned to live in their smaller home. They rarely sit at a dining table; however, they wanted the option for seating while entertaining guests. Multi-purpose furniture is useful in smaller spaces, where pieces can be moved around based on daily needs. We ended up designing a custom piece that would serve as a sofa table when closed down, and a flip-top dining table when they needed it for that purpose. We also had two light-weight ottomans customized to sit in front of the fireplace but could also become two additional seats for the dining area. Finally, we designed a built-in bench for the dining area that suited the table when it was there, and could be flanked by the small side tables that sat in the living room when it was not.

master bedroom design

Modern Master Bedroom Design

Describing a design with words is difficult, so we love when our clients come to us with pictures of the look they are going for. Our client had found a concept photo for her master bedroom, which we emulated as much as possible. Soft off-white walls and white bedding support the modern styling and are complemented by warm colors to create a serene vibe without looking contrived. Custom nightstands were built to support the height, width and style our client desired. The hardwood flooring was covered with a wool carpet custom-cut and bound.

 master bathroom design

Modern Master Bathroom Design

Working with Marble:

A thick marble countertop continues the detailing from the main level into the master bathroom design. Marble was used throughout the space, and the installation process highlighted the need for a qualified installer. Natural products have their own characteristics, and attention must be paid to how each tile adds to the final design. There is an artistry that comes with this type of installation, and fortunately we worked with Tremain Tile, Marble & Granite, a local tile expert. From the bathroom and shower floor, to the details of the shower niche, they were able to place each piece of marble to create a cohesive and beautiful look.

Design Details:

Our client was quite involved in choosing lighting and fixtures. We landed on a polished nickel finish, which has a warmer cast than chrome.

Modern white-on-white design schemes do not have to be boring. Adding architectural elements, texture and soft analogous colors can offer quite a bit of personality and interest to a space. Our clients were clear they wanted a soft, downtown modern condo. By bringing in thick, textural elements and custom-design pieces, we were able to give them the look and functionality they wanted without compromising style.

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