Project Highlight: Master Bedroom Suite Design

Master Bedroom

Building a new home offers the opportunity to create a new look for your space, while staying true to your personality by mixing in favorite existing pieces. Our client downsized to a lovely recently built home in the Village of West Clay in Carmel, IN, and wanted to bring some of the items from her previous traditional-styled house into her new transitional space. Her master bedroom suite design is the perfect example of successfully mixing a fresh look with honored treasures.

Master Bedroom Suite Design

In the master bedroom, our design scheme began with the traditional bed and brightly colored art pieces our client was bringing from her previous home. To help create the transitional look she desired, we chose mirrored chests for either side of the bed for a bit of freshness and “bling”. She already owned one of the table lamps, and we were fortunate to be able to source a second one, whose gold-silver wash was perfect for the bedroom. While our client wanted the art pieces to hang over her bed, she did not want the colors to dominate the design. We softened the artwork by painting the walls soft blue and adding cream and bits of blue to the bedding and upholstery. However, for the artwork to make sense in the overall design, we added pops of the saturated colors through accessories placed throughout the room.

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom Design

The master bathroom is connected to the bedroom by a wide doorway. This open design meant it was important that the rooms functioned well together. We pulled the creams from the bedding into the bathroom through the cabinetry and countertops, and continued the neutral theme in the porcelain tile floor. The “bling” look from the mirrored chests was mimicked by the landscape mirror and the clear star sconces. Our client was concerned that the large mirror appeared dated; however, we did not agree. Landscape mirrors provide so much reflection that the space automatically seems bigger and brighter. We also knew the mirror would reflect the adjacent room, bringing those colors and textures into the bathroom. By adding the sconces directly to the reflective element, we added additional depth to the wall, and more light and sparkle to the overall space. The polished nickel finish of the sconces, jewelry-like plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware complete the airy and bright look. Finally, we added crown molding and a very soft blue and cream patterned wall covering to add subtle charm and dimension.

The clean lines of the transitional look lend themselves to including other styles within a design scheme. For our client, the move to a new home was made that much easier by incorporating her favorite pieces from her previous house. We were able to create the bright, fresh look she desired while honoring her memories. The Hoskins Interior Design team would love the opportunity to help you create the new home you desire. We work closely with your builder as a team dedicated to fulfilling your expectations and giving you the house you envision. For more information, send us an email, or give us a call at 317.253.8986



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