Hoskins Interior Design: It’s Time to Pass the Torch to the Next Generation

Hoskins Interior Design will be celebrating 20 years of creating beautiful custom spaces for our clients on January 1, 2018. Deanna launched our firm in early 1998 and Kathy, Deanna’s daughter-in-law, joined later that year. Now, after a 40 + year distinguished career, Deanna is passing the torch to the next generation. Kathy has taken over the helm of the firm, and while this transition in ownership will bring some changes, the underlying philosophy of serving our clients will remain the same.

The Hoskins Team believes that our continued success has come from Deanna and Kathy’s unique mix of skill sets, with Deanna bringing a deep knowledge of custom furniture and Kathy offering her background in project management and interior detailing. As Deanna has begun to phase out her role, we have been developing a team to continue to grow the business and expand our services. You have probably met Terri and Madelyn already, and we recently welcomed Haley Carter to our firm. “Kathy is extremely talented, creative and capable,” said Deanna. “I know the business is in good hands with her leadership and vision. To remain relevant in this industry, it is important to be flexible and welcome change. Kathy has always lived this attitude, and mixed with a strong foundation of clients and vendors, the firm is poised to continue its success.”

To throw more change into the mix, we also want to announce that we will be moving from our downtown Broad Ripple location to the growing community of boutique businesses at the 54th and Monon Courtyard in November. “We have seen a lot of growth in our firm over the past few years, and it was time for a change to a larger, updated space,” said Kathy. “We are thrilled to be a part of the supportive small business community Suzy & David Reese have created. This move, along with our expanded team, ensures we can continue to provide the service and quality design our clients expect.”

In the midst of these changes, Deanna is continuing to do what she has always done—design beautiful spaces for her clients – just on a limited scale. Her career began at Kittles, joining the floor sales force in 1974, then moving to their robust training program, which led her to their design studio. From there she joined House of Lancaster, a small high-end furniture store, as an interior designer and running their sales force. In 1986 she returned to Kittles to reestablish their design studio. Finally, she left Kittles in late 1997 to open Hoskins Interior design on January 1, 1998. Kathy joined her in June of that year. “I opened my own firm because I wanted the opportunity to offer more personalized and diverse services to my clients,” said Deanna. “Being responsible for my own destiny has been my favorite part of owning my own design firm. Our clients and my relationships within the interior design industry have fed my creative juices and competitive spirit. The world of art, furniture, fabrics, etc. is diverse and complex, which makes it very interesting to be a part of. There is a lot to know! Complex interior design projects require you to get to know your clients very well to be able to serve them well. I have loved this aspect of my career. It’s been a lot of fun.”

According to Kathy, “Deanna has been a mentor to me and many other interior designers during her tenure. The team is happy that she plans to stay on to help with the long list of clients dedicated to her design philosophy. We are also happy that she is finally taking some time for herself after devoting the last few decades to her work.”

With change comes excitement and creativity, and we look forward to seeing how our firm evolves over the next decade. However, the quality design and service you have come to expect from Hoskins Interior design will not change. We are still committed to creating personalized spaces for our clients, focused on functionality, comfort and style. Please let us know if you have any questions about our plans. And keep an eye out for an Open House for our new space in spring 2018!







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