Treasures from Atlanta’s Interior Design Market

Interior Design Showroom

Whatever field we choose, we all benefit from influxes of new ideas. Exploring what others are doing in our industry, discovering innovations and mold-breaking ideas, starts the creative juices flowing. For us, attending Interior Design Markets offers these kinds of opportunities. We recently returned from Atlanta Market with our creativity rejuvenated, as well as interesting pieces for our current clients and our show room.

Atlanta Market is filled with showrooms and booths from suppliers to the interior design industry. Seeing what these vendors have to offer gives us a sense of what styles are trending and what our clients will see in stores, on the internet and in other design resources. Possibly more importantly for us though, is that we take note of what styles are being overdone. This oversaturation leads us to either stay away from that style altogether, or apply it in a different way so our clients will have a unique look while remaining current.

Attending Market is always inspiring for us. While we are constantly exploring the design world from our studio for new ideas, being surrounded by our peers and experiencing their work in person helps keep us even more relevant. There are many talented designers who create the showrooms, giving us ideas on how to use the products. The temporary showrooms are of particular interest to us, as they are usually rented by up-and-coming vendors with unique products, techniques or ideas.

One example was the room pictured above that we found in a new showroom. It was obvious it had been created by a talented designer. We never would have thought that the lilac wall color was something we would like, but the boldness in putting it on the walls to compliment the vignette was stunning. The room was a feast for the eyes, combining clean, bright, elegant pieces with textures like the raffia rug, mixed metals, and layered fabrics. Each piece was something the vendor sold, made more striking by how the designer put it all together. Visitors kept oohing and ahhing over the design. Although it would not be a look we would put into one of our clients’ homes, we were intrigued by it and were inspired to think outside box when it come to mixing diverse products, materials and color.

Custom Artwork
We also ran across these art pieces, created with color applied to a thin wood veneer and covered with an acrylic box frame. We had never seen art displayed in this manner and found it quite intriguing.
Custom Furniture
Deanna was thrilled to come across this chair covered with luminous leather and studded with Swarovski crystals. She is currently working on an Old Hollywood master bedroom design and had been trying to explain this look to her client for use on the headboard. Deanna now has a common vocabulary through using a picture, and can show her client that the look is on trend.





















As interior designers, we are always looking for inspiration and opportunities to see what is new. Photos only give you so much information. What looks ordinary in a photograph can look extraordinary in person. We are creative for a living, which requires input, input, input. Being all about output would exhaust our ingenuity. We return from Market with fresh enthusiasm and ideas, which help us continue to give our clients inspired, exceptional interior design work. Our clients come to us for our ideas on how to create the wow-factor, beauty and function they want in their homes. Market is a tool for us to keep creating fresh, unexpected spaces.


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