The Value of Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture

The idea of including custom furniture in your interior design project may seem out of reach. However, the value of furniture is based on much more than price. Though it may seem less expensive to buy pieces off the showroom floor, it would be the rare occasion where what you found truly worked. Comfort, scale, function, color and price combine to determine the value of furniture. We have some tips on how to include custom pieces that will best fit all of your needs.

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy. Homeowners tend to buy furniture toward the end of a project when they are in a rush to get it done. Giving yourself time to consider all of your options helps you make better decisions. Even non-custom stores usually have a 4-8 week lead time for delivery. Choosing from pieces that fit your quick timeline leaves out your more important long-term needs.
  2. Choose value over price. Buying furniture requires an investment, so why not get the best value for your money? Finding pieces that offer the comfort, performance, and look you need makes better financial sense over buying on price alone. The key to longevity in furniture is in its style, comfort and quality – not in its price tag.
  3. Visualize the potential. One of the most difficult parts of shopping for custom furniture is looking beyond color and fabrics to lines, shapes, and comfort. Experienced interior designers can help you here, as they are familiar with the characteristics of each vendor. They will be able to size you for comfort, as well as that of the other people who live in your home.
  4. Choose furniture that looks good. While function is necessary for furniture, consider the aesthetics of the pieces too. Here is where scale, materials, style and color come into play. And, remember that you may not need to replace pieces in good condition that have worked for you in the past. Customizing furniture can also include refurbishing what you already have. An interior designer can help you explore “re-dressing” or “re-upholstering” pieces that still provide the functionality you need.
  5. Compliment the quality of your space. When you are shopping for a luxury car, you expect the interior to match the high-end exterior. The same should be true for furniture. Fill your home with quality furnishings that support its architecture, value and investment.

When chosen with care, furniture can be a worthy investment providing value for a long time. Don’t leave custom options out of your project. Let our team at Hoskins Interior Design guide you through the possibilities. Send us an email, or give us a call at 317-253-8986, to schedule a complimentary design consultation today.

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