What Exactly is Involved in Interior Design Consultation Services?

Interior Design Process

Undertaking a major remodel or building a new home comes with a lot of questions and decision-making. Unless you have participated in this kind of project many times before, the process can be overwhelming and confusing to manage on your own. Your builder is going to be very good at what s/he does—building things. However, they may not have the experience or knowledge base to bring your design vision to life. Interior designers come from a different tactic. They are skilled in creating spaces that reflect how you live, both functionally and aesthetically. Including interior design consultation services in your project is all about having a knowledgeable partner to guide you through the process. It is the key to ending up with a home you will love for a long time.

Sharing Knowledge

The fact is, we don’t know what we don’t know. Hiring experts to help you uncover expensive pitfalls and mistakes can keep you from ending up with a design that you dislike. Crafting well-designed spaces is what interior designers do every day! Scale, proportion, tailoring—these are all aspects of good design that people notice intuitively but cannot necessarily articulate. They do not know why the design decisions they make are just not quite right because they do not have the knowledge of the subtle details. It is those tiny nuances that build upon each other to make up that lovely image you have in your mind for your home. Interior designers have the knowledge to keep you from being frustrated or disappointed with the outcome of your project.

Access to Quality Resources

Interior designers also have a broad-based knowledge of and deep relationships with product suppliers and service providers needed to complete the project appropriately. For example, we are working currently with a client on a kitchen remodel in Broad Ripple. We met with him to get a feel for his goals, see the type of house he has and the budget he wants to work with, and recommended local contractors we felt would be a good fit for him. Builders come in all price ranges and working styles, and should be chosen based on what you are after. We have the local relationships to get him the kitchen he wants. Top of the line or value, there are a lot of questionable people out there. Your interior designer should be able to guide you to a reputable and appropriate service provider—there is no need to rely on strangers’ opinions on Angie’s List!

Budget Management

Including interior design consultation services in your project can also help you spend your budget more wisely. Not every aspect of your design needs to cost a lot of money. Your designer can help you pick and choose where to invest in quality and where you can skimp a bit.

Clearer Decision-Making

Walking into a tile store without a plan can be overwhelming. Having an expert at your side to help you clarify your style and needs narrows the field of appropriate design options to a more manageable scale. At Hoskins Interior Design, we spend a lot of time just listening to our clients. We then bounce back to them what they are saying in design vocabulary to ensure everyone on the project team is on the same page—including the client. We also have the ability to create scale drawings and sketches to help communicate their vision. A lack of that visual communication can be the reason why things fall short on a project. Armed with all of this information, our clients can then make design decisions that will give them the home they are looking for.

Project Management

Teamwork is central to the success of a remodeling or new build. It is rare that one contractor does everything; you will be working with vendors and subcontractors too. Interior designers look at projects from a global point of view since, to do their job well, they have to have experience in all aspects of the process, including products and services. They know the questions to ask to ensure you get exactly what you want from your contractor. We find that many times we end up being the glue for the team, bringing together all the experts to move toward a common goal. For example, a recent client looked to us for guidance and creative input on his major remodel. It is not that he doesn’t trust his builder, he just knows the limitations of relying on one skill set. We help him work through all of the construction questions—what trim do they want? What countertop edge? These tiny decisions add up and make a big difference together. Our clients use us as trusted advisors to ensure they end up with the home they love.

Design consultation services are meant to help you with the parts of the remodeling or new build process you are uncomfortable with. At Hoskins Interior Design, we work with clients from advising on accessory choices to managing a complete home remodel. Our level of service is based on your needs. If you have any questions on how we can help you with your remodeling or new build project, send us an email, or give us a call at 317.253.8986.


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