What to Expect When Hiring an Interior Designer

Interior Design Process

If you have never worked with an interior design firm, you may not know what to expect from the experience. At Hoskins Interior Design, we strive to create a home that expresses our clients’ unique personality and could only belong to them. We achieve this goal by bringing our clients through our tried and true design process:

Step 1: Define the Project –  We begin each project by talking with you extensively about your dreams for your home. If you could have any design you wanted, what would it be? From these discussions we define the goals and expectations, discerning the desired look and functionality, and understanding your personality. It is our intention to give you your dream home within your desired budget. Our discussions with you will include areas such as lifestyle, design and custom furniture budget, schedule feasibility, and project partners such as contractors. We also uncover your aesthetic preferences, and may request that you provide pictures of spaces you love to visually define your design preferences. Bring us anything that speaks to you! We will provide images in return to insure that our vision is aligned with your expectations. Finally, we visit the existing space or assess floor plans for a proposed space to help guide the final design.

Step 2: Develop the Design Concept – Once the project has been defined, we then create loose architectural design drawings and collect image files that capture our thought process and design direction. Your needs and goals, as well as your aesthetic and functionality preferences, are applied to the development of this concept package. During this phase we devise various space utilization plans, and guide you through weighing the pros and cons of each layout option. If necessary, we will review building requirements for historic communities or neighborhood covenants, as well as meet with consultants such as architects or contractors. During this phase you will see preliminary custom furniture options and potential elevations for design development. Finally, the structural elements, such as fireplaces and kitchen appliances, are chosen to serve as a basis for the rest of the project.

Step 3: Design Development – In this step of the process we begin to finalize the design scheme, sifting through the options that will lead to your final selections. We present you with more refined options for custom furniture, finishes, lighting, color schemes, fabric and architectural details, as well as cabinetry style and design, often provided through conceptual images. Space plans and/or cabinetry and furniture layout variations are also developed along with conceptual drawings and elevations.

Step 4: Finalized Design Direction: It is at this stage that the magic begins to come to life and your vision takes shape. Managing the complexities involved in evolving a design concept into reality is where our interior design skills and experience set us apart. We guide you through your final design choices, and we move forward with purchasing and installation. We serve as your project manager or work closely with your contractor to ensure work is being performed correctly, on schedule and to your specifications. We are your advocates during the process, adding our expertise to the mix to ensure your dreams for your home are fulfilled.

Final Touches – The fruits of our partnership can truly be enjoyed now as we apply the finishing touches for your “ta-da” moment. Sit in your furniture and close your drapes! Introduce yourself to all of your design choices and live in your dream space. These final bits of design elements include custom furniture and accessories placement, drapery and window covering installation, and enjoyment of your new home!

It is important to remember that when you hire a design professional you are hiring an expert. Our design process has been developed from years of experience managing a wide variety of projects. It is based on quality design, clear communication, and cost efficiency. Our clients are best served when they trust our expertise and process, thereby avoiding additional consultation time. The final result will be a home that suits you and your family aesthetically and functionally – a home that is uniquely yours. Questions about our interior design process? Send us an email, or give us a call at 317.253.8986.


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