Yes Virginia, You Can Buy Furniture Without Sitting In It First

Most homeowners approach furniture as utilitarian yet fashionable items. They wander furniture stores, checking out the latest trends and testing out every sofa or chair they are considering. The wide variety available at these large showrooms can be overwhelming, and it is easy to be led astray by fads and sales. As experienced interior designers, we choose furniture very differently.

We’ll be right up front about it: we sell custom furniture and initially it is more expensive than showroom furniture. However, in the long run, the investment will pay off. The quality and style staying power of these pieces means you will not have to replace them for a long time – possibly never if you are willing to reupholster. More importantly though, custom furniture chosen by a skilled interior designer will be comfortable – pieces you will want to sit, lounge, doze or work in for many years to come.

One obstacle some homeowners have with bringing custom furniture into their homes is that they cannot sit in it before they buy it. Their experience at showrooms has taught them that every chair or sofa feels different – softness, pitch, depth, height – all factors that affect the comfort of a piece. We have to remind them of two things: first, the stores have been stocked with furniture that has been chosen for appeal to the widest audience, and second, custom furniture is just that – custom, meaning crafted around the comfort, style and functionality YOU need. Custom furniture cannot be found on showroom floors.

Every design scheme we create is a mixture of style, functionality, space planning, silhouettes, color, texture, balance, and etc. When we order custom furniture, all of these elements are considered in the piece as well. How do we know our custom furniture will work for our clients? Experience and relationships.

We have been specifying custom furniture for over 17 years, and in that time, have only had one piece returned for discomfort. Our success has come from the relationships we have built with our furniture suppliers, taking the time to fully examine their work at designer markets. WE sit in the chairs and sofas, evaluating the quality of their design, from density and scale to pitch and craftsmanship. Then we work with our clients to understand their needs, both stylistically and physically, and have pieces designed around them. Our clients trust our knowledge and skill, and they are not disappointed.

“There are two things I wish I had told my 25 year-old self,” one of our clients shared with us once we had completed his project. “Invest in good shoes and invest in good furniture. My work has me running around airports – I need good shoes. I work hard, and I want to be comfortable when I am relaxing at home.”

There is so much more available in the furniture market than what you find on the showroom floors! You can trust us to find the right fit for you and your family. We can help you buy furniture without sitting in it first.

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