Adding Balance Through Asymmetrical Design

modern living room

Balance is an important aspect of a successful interior design scheme and there are many ways to go about achieving it. The two main types of balance are symmetrical and asymmetrical, the former using equal space and the latter using weighted space. The architecture, as well as natural focal points of a room such as windows, fireplace or TV, ultimately determines how a design scheme will achieve balance. If the focal point is centrally located, a symmetrical design makes sense. However, we often run across homes with off-center or multiple focal points where an asymmetrical design scheme is necessary. Visual balance can be achieved in this situation by adding in features that are either physically heavy like furniture or visually heavy like a large piece of artwork or a dark paint color.

In the recent Indianapolis modern condo remodel shown above, the addition of a new staircase required the fireplace be placed in an asymmetrical format. Our challenge was to add elements back into the space to achieve balance. While our clients’ existing sectional was large, its light color did not add the impact we needed. By adding a richly-colored chair and two ottomans, we were able to bring balance back into the space.

If you are facing the challenges that come with achieving balance with asymmetrical design, we’d be happy to help. Send us an email or give us a call at 317.253.8986.

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