“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”

-John Keats

Using organic elements in our designs is something we feel very passionate about. Plants bring color, energy, and life to a space! Incorporating greenery into your home is one of our top tips for adding that organic element of design that we believe every space deserves.

There are so many ways to achieve this and we want to share some inspiration with you!


Flowers are beautiful in any setting. Whether it is a beautiful potted flower or cut flowers we love the way they bring color and visual texture to a space. Flowers can be used on a beautiful table in your foyer, as a centerpiece on your kitchen island or as a focal point on your cocktail table.

TIP: Make selections that are appropriate for the season or climate that you live in. In Indiana this might mean… tulips in the spring, geraniums in the summer, and mums in the fall.


Indoor plants are something that can be used all year round. Given our geographic location in central Indiana the winters can feel cold and bare.  Whether it’s in the dead of winter or the hot summer months we are big believers in indoor plants.

TIP: Make sure you choose plants that are appropriate for the amount of sunlight you get. Some plants love a lot of sun and some prefer just a little, so we recommend a little research before choosing the perfect one!


Spring in Indiana is the perfect time of the year to look for inspiration in your own yard and it’s free! Take a look around, get creative, and most importantly have fun! You truly have nothing to lose and beauty to gain.

TIP: Using a pretty blooming branch from a tree, happy little daffodils or a simple sprig from a bush can be just what you need to bring a little life and color into your space.

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