Interior Design Tips: Fireplace Remodeling

fireplace remodeling

Fireplaces are often a natural focal point in a room, making their design central to the look and feel of a space. We have helped many of our remodeling clients change their fireplace surrounds to match the new design of their homes. This endeavor is not as simple as “show me a picture of what you like and we will make it happen”. Example images from sites like Houzz and Pinterest, or even from shelter magazines like Architectural Digest, are telling just part of the story of that fireplace. Hopefully, it has been designed with the dimensions, scale, and color scheme that made sense in the room it was located in. We have to do the same for any fireplace we design. While we can take cues from images, it is rare that we can create the exact look when we are trying to fit it to an existing space. We have to consider the size of the room, the height and width of the wall and the firebox, and the look and functionality of the space in which we are working. Also, images are 2-dimensional and we are designing for the 3-dimensional, so it is difficult to discern the full design from a picture.

The details that bring a design to life are particular to the space they are in. When you are undertaking a fireplace remodeling project, do not expect your contractor to build your new surround from an image. You will need to figure out how that look will fit into your space, not the space in the picture. The Hoskins Interior Design Team would be happy to advise you, of course. When you are ready, send us an email or give us a call at 317-253-8986.

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