How to Begin Planning Your Dream Home in 7 Exciting Steps


Most of us have been spending more time at home in the last few months, many of us even working from home! The additional time at home has increased our awareness of how our homes can either support the way we are living in them or how they fall short. Our surroundings can nurture our souls or leave us wanting, so planning your dream home is an important task.

My own home is typically put on the back burner, (you know the cobbler who has no shoes of his own to wear)? I know that this unanticipated down time has given me pause to take a look around to see how our home might serve us better.

As recent empty nesters, the function of our home has changed from a space to raise three active boys and all that entails, to a home for just my husband and me. I am finally taking action to identify how our home can better support the way we are living in it now (plus, this is a great time to freshen it up for the two of us).

Whether your future plans include a remodel or a new build, I would like to share some steps to begin planning for your dream home that functions well and feeds your soul…


1. Walk Through Your Existing Space

Start where you spend the most time, and ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I do in that space?
  • What do I love and what would I change?
  • Does my kitchen support the way I cook and entertain?
  • Does my furniture provide a comfortable-yet-beautiful place to read a book, watch TV or have a conversation?

Break it down by room and allow yourself to answer honestly.

2. Source Ideas and Inspiration

We LOVE using images for inspiration! Shared images help us to understand our client’s vision without words.

Create a Pinterest board or clip file per area. Add notes about why you found the space inspiring. (Was it the overall vibe or that drawer insert to organize your spices?) This process helps to clarify your vision.

We love to use these Pinterest boards or clip files as a jumping off point to bring YOUR vision to life. We can see similarities in your pins that further reinforce the aesthetic that you would like to achieve.


3. Fine-Tune Your Design Style

Take a look at your inspiration images for similarities in style. Is it the furniture, the color scheme, the window treatment, or the overall style that you love in each image? Take notes as you discover your preferences! These will be helpful later on.

4. Identify Your Needs

Review what you learned from your answers in steps 1 & 3 to develop a list of “Must Haves”. These may be inspiring visual features or functionality (like storage) to streamline everyday life. This list will help you identify your priorities in the new build, remodel, or “refresh” project.


5. Make a List of Your Wants

Next, list the aspects that would be great to have but that you could probably live without.

For example, I would really love to have the pullout in my master bedroom vanity that provides a home for my blow dryer and brushes, easily accessible and always connected to power! But if my vanity space does not allow for this, I could probably do without it!


6. Compile Your Dream Wishlist

Lastly, no good plan should be without a wish list. If you don’t identify what this might look like, it may not even be on your radar when you are at the planning and selections phase of your project. Although the items on this list typically fall at the end of the list of priorities, you never know when an opportunity may present itself!

7. All You Have to Do is…Get Started!

If you would like guidance in further developing your vision, help establishing your design priorities, assistance in making the myriad of decisions that you will face, and leadership throughout your project, consider working with a designer who shares your values and design aesthetic.

Planning and dreaming are great ways to stay positive during these trying times. We love what we do for a living and have found that we can continue to assist clients as we work from home with more limited person-to-person contact, when appropriate. We would love the opportunity to partner with you and begin planning your dream home!

Remember the planning should start long before the work begins!

If you would like to discuss partnering with us to plan your home improvement, new build, or furnishings project, please contact us through our website, email us at, or call us at 317-253-8986.

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